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About Us

Sermis Electronic has become one of the eminent suppliers in Romania for IT & C systems, services and software solutions, demonstrating the outstandingly successful implementation of standards like:

Quality Management System
EN ISO 9001:2008,
Environmental Management System
EN ISO 14001:2005,
Management System Occupational Health and Safety and
SR OHSAS 18001:2008
Information Security Management System
ISO / IEC 27001: 2006

The S4P concept (Sermis for Partners) represents making the most of the quality and performance of Sermis Electronic in supporting our partners, helping increase the efficiency of their activity by caring for their requests, quality of the services offered, promptness, and by choosing the most appropriate solutions.

Having experience with projects implemented in various industries (Textiles, Furniture, Food, Footwear, Automotive, Telecom, Services, Construction) and fields (mass production assembly lines and unique products, Distribution, GSM, Retail, Administration), we can say that S4P is a strategic choice of our partners.

Accumulating experience from the implementation of international (Italy, Rep. Moldavia, Bulgaria), national, regional or local projects, the systems designed by Sermis Electronic are geared towards satisfying the needs and expectations of our business partners by choosing the most appropriate technologies and solutions, analyzing trends, both short and medium term, to provide a perspective view based on the concept of
S4P. We will do so because our partners matter to us now and in the future, concerning ourselves with the evolution of their business, providing them reliability and safety.

Regardless of the systems complexity, the type of organization, business field or necessary technology required, Sermis Electronic is the right partner to design and implement the optimal solution that meets the requirements, deadlines and last but not least the allotted budget.

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