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IT solutions



A firewall's basic task is to regulate some of the flow of traffic between computer networks and the threats from the Internet. It is important to protect your company, data when working remotely on a VPN connection. There are many virus threats on the internet as well as an ever growing amount of intrusive spam mail.
IT Company has considerable experience in reducing the risks posed by such threats.
Our recommended software packages include AntiSPAM and Antivirus to protect you against these attacks which we will install and keep them updated to protect against new threats.

IT solutions

Sermis Electronic specializes in providing complete information technology solutions for foreign owned companies. Whether you are a small business with only one or two computers or a large company with an advanced information technology system, your own server, Private or Virtual Private Network with complex security encryption and firewall requirements. We are able to provide you with the right solutions.
An excellent partner for companies who need Information Technology competence and service flexibility at prices that fall within your budget.

Remote Control Management

Our Remote Control Management tools allow us to monitor and remote-control your server or workstations from our location. This gives us the opportunity to react quickly in case of any problems or errors, or even breakdown of your IT system. A telephone consultation will also enable a clearer understanding and rapid solution of the problem.

Consulting and Project Management

We have considerable experience in helping startup companies in the fields of IT and communications.
First, give you advice based on our previous experience then extensively plan and implement the necessary IT requirements. Whether it be in a small office with only a few employees or a factory with a large number of people employed.
Sermis Electronic has the experience to integrate the necessary technology, seamlessly and with the minimum of disruption to your daily operations. We can also provide the technology to link numerous branches of your business together no matter where they are located.

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